DesignHub has developed a new full-color, eight-page brochure for Aero Corporation of Saline, Michigan. We’ve also significantly updated Aero’s website.

Aero provides marketing and promotional material distribution services to companies worldwide. Aero’s services include kitting, fulfillment and inventory management, mailing, printing, and custom distribution projects. Timely and accurate delivery of promotional materials, including to overseas locations, is an Aero specialty.

Aero’s customers include leading manufacturers, publishers, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and more. Since 1997, Aero has served customers from its 25,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution facility in Saline.

HiBlow USA, the North American sales and distribution subsidiary of Techno Takatsuki Co., Ltd., has selected DesignHub to redesign their website. We’ll also create new advertising, to appear in print and online trade publications, for the company.

HiBlow USA handles direct-to-business of the industry-leading HiBlow brand products, including AC linear and DC diaphragm blowers, compressors, and pumps. The subsidiary also supports customers with application engineering, inventory managements, and factory-direct shipping to and from its warehouse in Saline, Michigan.

This is another happy case of client retention for DesignHub. We developed HiBlow USA’s current website in 2010. We’ll re-do the site in WordPress, the popular and proven content management system; this will enable authorized HiBlow USA personnel to make day-to-day changes to the site’s content. Also, the new site will have a responsive design, meaning that its presentation will automatically adapt to the visitor’s access device, whether that’s a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or a smart phone.

HiBlow USA’s new website should launch early in calendar year 2017. We’ve already designed a couple of HiBlow USA’s new print and online ads.


Intelligent Vision Systems (IVS) – a new company that develops and provides optical icing detection technology for aircraft, automobile, and infrastructure manufacturers – has launched its website, designed and developed by DesignHub.

IVS technology optically detects dangers of icing ahead in ways that no other technology can. For example, IVS technology can enable aircraft to optically distinguish between clouds containing water, ice, and supercooled liquid droplets. It can also be installed in cars and on roads to give drivers early warning of black ice. These applications can help prevent damage, increase safety, and save lives.

IVS technology was originally developed for applications in space. The company’s technology partner is the University of Michigan College of Engineering’s Department of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering.

DesignHub’s services to IVS have included planning the new site, designing its user interface, writing and editing content, programming, site build-out, testing, and launch. The site was developed in WordPress, the popular open-source content management system, so IVS’s own personnel are easily able to make day-to-day changes to the site’s content themselves. The site has a responsive design, meaning that its presentation automatically adapts and optimizes to the visitor’s access device, whether it’s a desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone.

DesignHub is deep into redesigning the website, sales collateral, and other marketing communications materials for Dynamic Computer Corporation of Farmington Hills, Michigan.

We’ve been working steadily with this value-added IT reseller since fall of 2014 – and the website and other materials we’ve developed for them over that time have served this client well. But it was time for a brand refresh.

Over the past year-plus, Dynamic has increasingly focused its new business development on Q-wrx, their proprietary package of IT configuration, asset management, and logistics processes. Q-wrx is especially valuable to IT buyers in regulated industries, such as federal, defense, and medical device manufacturing. It has been especially important to update the Q-wrx messaging and graphic identity, based on new insights Dynamic has gained from the marketplace since introducing the Q-wrx concept mid last year.


Berry & Associates, a specialty chemicals company headquartered in Dexter, Michigan, has selected DesignHub to design and develop their new website, to feature sophisticated e-commerce capabilities.

DesignHub is already hard at work on the new site. It will integrate online product selection and buying with some of Berry & Associates’ key internal business systems. DesignHub is now proving out the site’s back-end capabilities, in a functional wireframe mockup. Design will soon begin on the site’s front end. DesignHub will focus on providing a user-friendly interface within a brand-compatible look and feel.

Berry & Associates was founded in 1989, with roots in the field of nucleosides. The company then moved into the chemistry of nucleic acids. This has resulted in a current portfolio of nearly 200 phosphoramidites and solid phase-linked monomers for oligonucleotide synthesis, as well as hundreds of nucleosides, nucleotides, carbohydrates, spacers, fluorescent markers, quenchers, and heterocycles. (Got all that?) All Berry & Associates products are made at the company’s facility just outside of Ann Arbor.

The Berry & Associates staff of chemists can claim over 400 publications and 80 patents in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry. High-quality chemicals, delivered with timely, personalized service, are the hallmarks of Berry & Associates.

Here is the current Berry & Associates website, in the process of being extensively rethought, redesigned, and redeveloped.

DesignHub has recently worked with Evangelical Homes of Michigan to develop themes, graphics, and marketing materials for EHM’s 2016 Capital Campaign, “The Power of Community.” The campaign will help the 137-year-old nonprofit organization redevelop the former Saline Community Hospital, which it recently purchased, as the Center for Innovation and Education. Click here to learn more about EHM’s plans for the CIE.

Evangelical Homes of Michigan provides health and housing services to elderly people in ways that respect their rights, dignity, and worth. Services include home support, senior housing, skilled healthcare, rehabilitation services, hospice care, and memory support. EHM is a health and human services ministry related to the United Church of Christ.

DesignHub helped PTC – the international leader in product lifecycle management (PLM), service lifecycle management (SLM), and computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) – successfully promote its LiveWorx 2016 conference, held this past June 6-9 in Boston. The well-attended LiveWorx event focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the new opportunities it’s creating in product and service innovation.

DesignHub’s chief copywriter, Chris Kochmanski (yours truly!), researched and ghost-wrote (for various PTC executives, professionals, and business partners) 13 pre-conference posts for PTC’s LiveWorx blog. You can see my handiwork here – but you’ll need to guess which posts came from me. (I promised the signed authors – I’ll never tell!)

For some half-dozen years, DesignHub has helped PTC create thought leadership content to support the company’s sales and marketing campaigns. We’ve worked on case studies, e-books, trend articles, product reviews, and white papers, as well as blog posts. Often we’re called in to relieve some of the load on PTC’s own hard-working in-house content creators.



Huron River Watershed Council – the Ann Arbor, Michigan nonprofit whose mission is to protect and restore the Huron River – has enlisted DesignHub to help develop their new messaging strategy.

The strategy, presented to HRWC executives last month, calls for the organization to target their marketing communications to current and prospective supporters (volunteers, donors, and members), and focus their message on the local nature of their programs and projects.

That is: Supporters should prefer to contribute to HRWC because they can directly and personally see the tangibly positive results of their generosity in their own back yards.

Huron River Watershed Council has worked to protect and restore the Huron River since 1965. The organization is dedicated to working collaboratively for clean water and a healthy natural environment throughout the Huron River Watershed communities.

Largely as a result of HRWC’s efforts, the Huron River is today widely recognized as Michigan’s cleanest urban river. Learn more about HRWC here.



DesignHub has created the new graphic identity for DBM Associates, a consulting firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We designed DBM’s new logo and developed the company’s purpose statement. Both are now highlighted on their new business cards, letterhead, and other formal marketing materials.

Soon we’ll create a simple website for DBM Associates, to hold them over until a fully fleshed out website can be developed and launched.

DBM Associates specializes in leadership and organizational development, including strategic planning and implementation, process design, and team building. The company provides consulting, coaching, facilitation, and training.

Learn more about DBM Associates, and its founder Diane Biondi Mukkala, here.



Intelligent Vision Systems (IVS) – a new company that develops and provides ice detection technology for aircraft, automobile, and infrastructure manufacturers – has selected DesignHub to design and develop their website. Site planning has begun, and the new site should launch late this summer.

Milan Area Schools has again selected DesignHub to help with their annual Schools of Choice campaign. This is the fourth straight year we’ve worked with the district to promote their Schools of Choice offerings to area families. This year’s program will focus on mailings to targeted households with children from preschool to high school age. There will also be banners at Briarwood Mall. Other media are being considered.

Oberon Technologies, a Michigan-based provider of XML-based automated publishing and content delivery solutions, has selected DesignHub to design and develop their new website. This follows from our recent work on the new website for Oberon Technologies’ sister company, Titania Software, a leader in cloud-based content delivery software. We’re looking forward to teaming up again with the terrific Oberon / Titania team.

Phoenix Contractors, our long-time client, has launched an updated website, and we were honored to design and develop it for them. The new site modernizes the look and feel within a responsive design that automatically optimizes the presentation to the visitor’s access device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone). The content management system lets Phoenix Contractors personnel make day-to-day content changes.

Phoenix Contractors is a full-service commercial contractor, serving Southeast Michigan with over 30 years of experience in all types of construction. The company builds and renovates commercial and industrial facilities, educational, healthcare, hospitality, municipal, recreational, religious, retail, and multifamily residential properties.

Check out the new site to see samples of Phoenix Contractors’ work on iconic area buildings. We’ve been delighted to serve them on website design and development.


NanoBio Corporation – the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based company whose intranasal vaccines use nanotechnology to fight diseases more effectively – has launched their new website, designed and developed by DesignHub.

Note that the new site is a work in progress. We will soon update it to include another major category of content, additional pages, more images, and enhanced interactivity. The current version represents about 70% of what’s planned for the complete site. NanoBio needed us to help launch what could be ready for a conference late last month.

NanoBio is known as “the mucosal vaccine company.” Learn about their patented NanoStat nanoemulsion, and how it is used to fight anthrax, influenza, HIV, pertussis, herpes, and more.



JJ’s Home Improvements – a home remodeling and design company in Ann Arbor, Michigan – has launched their new website, designed and developed by DesignHub. JJ’s has remodeled homes, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more since 1986, mainly for homeowners in the Ann Arbor and Traverse City areas.

JJ’s new site represents an evolution in their long-time web presence. The company wished to stick to the basic look and feel, while bringing the site’s capabilities up to modern standards. The site is responsive, meaning that it automatically optimizes in presentation to the visitor’s access device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone). It’s also built on WordPress, the popular content management system, so JJ’s personnel can easily make day-to-day content updates themselves.

Check out JJ’s great home remodeling and design work in their new site’s extensive project portfolios.

DesignHub will again provide the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) with a coordinated set of marketing materials for the CAR Management Briefing Seminars (MBS), to be held on August 1-4, 2016 at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Traverse City, Michigan. This year’s MBS event is the 51st annual. Its theme: “Disrupters.”

CAR has selected DesignHub to develop the signature graphics to appear in multiple media for promoting the MBS 2016 event. We will also produce the event’s brochures, mailings, ads for print and online, conference signage, presentation templates, and more.

The CAR Management Briefing Seminars are widely recognized as the automotive industry’s premier executive conference. This year up to 1,000 or more industry leaders are expected to gather at MBS to share strategies and insights and attend educational sessions on topics of urgent concern to global automakers and automotive suppliers.

PTC – the international leader in product lifecycle management (PLM), service lifecycle management (SLM), computer-aided design (CAD), and more – has enlisted DesignHub to develop content for a blog promoting participation in PTC’s LiveWorx 2016 event, to happen on June 6-9 in Boston, Massachusetts.

LiveWorx attendees include manufacturers aiming to connect their products, users, developers, and service people in the Internet of Things (IoT). Their bottom-line goal: to create new revenue-generating capabilities for their products, while improving product performance and providing more timely, efficient, and effective service.

DesignHub will research and write 14 blog posts for PTC in the weeks leading up the LiveWorx event. As of this writing, four posts have been completed, and one has already posted. You can see our ghost-written “thought leadership” handiwork here.

DesignHub was delighted to assist John Eaton and Cody Wickham of – the proven and popular online software platform for retirement investment allocation – with design and development of their new and improved marketing website. DesignHub worked closely with John and Cody to plan and design the site, then prepared the page designs for programming by the development team. is, as the website tells, “retirement planning made easy.” The new site describes how helps investment advisors collaborate with their clients to make informed investment allocation decisions. Employers also offer the platform to their employees in defined retirement plans. Investors themselves can benefit from learning about the platform and its innovative investment allocation methodology.

West Side Montessori of Toledo, Ohio has launched their new website, designed and developed by DesignHub. West Side is one of only five accredited Montessori schools in the state of Ohio, and they are widely viewed as one of the Toledo area’s very best schools, of any kind, for children ranging from toddlers through eighth grade.

West Side now has a state-of-the-art website to match the high quality of the learning experience at their school. The site is primarily aimed to prospective parents, but provides much useful functionality for current members of the West Side community too.

DesignHub continues to assist Milan Area Schools with its ongoing “Schools of Choice” advertising campaign. We have recently supported the public school district’s mid-year promotional push by planning and implementing targeted direct mail advertising, banner advertising at Briarwood Mall, and online advertising on Re: the latter, MAS’s currently running SoC ads are targeted both geographically and demographically to selected readers.

Similar SoC ads – tied to MAS’s continuing “Proud Big Red” theme – continue to run on the sides of selected Ann Arbor Transportation Authority buses.

DesignHub has been working with Milan Area Schools on the school district’s advertising initiatives since 2013. Over the years, we have also helped MAS test SoC ads on billboards, in area movie theaters, and on local Comcast Spotlight segments.