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Website Design and Development

Need to build a new website? When you consider all that the process involves – from upfront planning through design, writing, programming, testing, launch, maintenance, and more – the task can surely seem intimidating. But DesignHub will get you to a great result smoothly. Our clients know us for superior project management. We’ll shepherd your new website’s design and development through these essential steps:

Phase 1: Site Plan
DesignHub will explore with you the intended uses and purposes of your new website, and will submit for your review and approval a site plan detailing the site’s content, organization, navigation, and functionality. This plan is often in the form of a detailed flow chart; however, if the complexity of the site calls for it, we can create a “wireframe” mock-up giving you a more direct online grasp of how the site will work. At the planning stage, we’ll also explore such concerns as whether any of your site’s content should be built upon a database and how you can use a content management system (CMS) to make day-to-day updates to your site yourself, after its launch.
Phase 2: Design of the Graphical User Interface
With the approved site plan in hand, DesignHub will propose the “look and feel” of the new website by designing and presenting two or more distinct concepts for the site’s graphical user interface (GUI). Each design concept will include the home page and a representative sub-page. You’ll select your preferred GUI design – possibly mixing elements of one design concept with another – and provide us with further feedback for design refinement.
Phase 3: GUI Design Refinement
DesignHub will refine the design of your new website’s home page and representative sub-page, and will re-submit them for your review and approval. Upon your OK, DesignHub will begin building out the site.
Phase 4: Writing and Editing
Sometimes our clients provide the complete content for their websites, requiring no more than light editing by us. But other times we’re asked to research and write the content practically from scratch. If you need our help in creating your site’s content, you can rely on us to do the job well. We’ll start by interviewing your management team – and perhaps even some of your customers – to gather the raw input needed. We’ll also draw upon the existing written material on your company. We’ll then write and edit the site’s text for your review, comments, refinement, and approval.
Phase 5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
While writing and editing the content for your website, we’ll work to assure that search-friendly keywords are used in headlines, subheads, body copy, captions, and links, as well as in the meta tags in your site’s underlying page programming. This will help get your website get found through relevant online searches. Learn more about our SEO process >>
Phase 6: Imagery
DesignHub will create web-ready graphics from the photos and illustrations you provide for your new site. If needed, we'll take new photos and create custom illustrations. We'll also explore the use of stock imagery.
Phase 7: Programming and Build-out of Web Pages
DesignHub will program your new website’s master page templates, establish style sheets for different presentations of content, and populate the web pages with text and imagery. We'll set up pages for easy updating of variable content with the CMS tool you prefer. Learn more about how DesignHub helps you manage your website’s content »
Phase 8: Testing, Implementation, and Launch
Your new website will be placed on a temporary non-public URL, where it will be proofed and tested for usability and functionality on common web browsers by both you and us. Upon completion of testing, we’ll take your new website live. (Woo-hoo!)
Phase 9: Consulting and Training on Content Management
Whether you choose DesignHub’s own CMS tool or any other commonly used content management system, we'll train you on its main functions for updating your website’s content yourself. We can do this at your headquarters, in our offices, or via conference call.
Phase 10: Ongoing Site Maintenance
A website is a living thing, and if you’re like most of our clients, you’ll eventually want to reassess and enhance your site’s purposes, functionality, organization, and design. When this happens, DesignHub will be here to help you. We can address your website maintenance needs in any way you prefer – under a maintenance contract, on a project basis, or at an hourly rate.