Intelligent Vision Systems

Intelligent Vision Systems

Design: Ted Chesky, Jason West

Programming: Jason West

Writing / Editing: Chris Kochmanski

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Category: Websites

Industry: Software/Technology

About this Project

Detecting Ice and Preventing Danger

Intelligent Vision Systems, Inc. (IVS) develops optical icing detection technology that detects dangers of icing in ways that no other technology can. For example, IVS technology can enable aircraft to optically distinguish between clouds containing water, ice, and super-cooled liquid droplets. The technology can also install in cars and on roads to give drivers early warning of black ice. These applications can help prevent damage, increase safety, and save lives.

We developed the IVS site in WordPress, the popular open-source web development and content management platform, so IVS’s own personnel can easily to make day-to-day updates to the site’s content. The site has a responsive design, meaning that its presentation automatically adapts and optimizes to the visitor’s access device.

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