Dr. Lawrence Power, a retired Ann Arbor physician and medical professor, enlisted DesignHub’s help in developing Health Yourself 101, an online learning program focusing on the health risks of visceral obesity. We designed and developed the “Match Play” self-assessment and “Countdown” review sites – along with, of course, the program’s portal site. Dr. Power himself has created almost all of the content. This includes the weekly lessons he conducts online through his Twitter feed. Check it out … and be sure to get to know Dr. Power. He’s a truly accomplished person.

Aero Corporation – the Saline-based provider of kitting, fulfillment, inventory management, mailing, and other distribution services – has selected DesignHub to design and develop the company’s new website. Aero has enjoyed a recent surge in growth. The company is becoming especially adept in international distribution. The new website we create for Aero will help demonstrate their experience and expertise. Learn more.