Not all Ann Arbor-area residents know of Tower Plaza Condominiums, but they almost surely recognize them. They’re in Ann Arbor’s tallest building, right downtown. See it here. Tower Plaza now has a responsive website, thanks to DesignHub’s help. This means that the site’s presentation automatically optimizes to the visitor’s access device, whether it’s a desktop or mobile. Given that so many of Tower Plaza’s residents are University of Michigan students, that mobile device is likeliest to be a smart phone.

In converting the site to a responsive design, DesignHub tightened up the layout and freshened up the look and feel. But the essential message remains: Tower Plaza can be a great place to live, and a smart way to invest – for parents and students, academics and professionals, retirees, and second-home buyers in the Ann Arbor residential market.

Milan Area Schools again this year enlisted DesignHub’s help in promoting the district’s “Schools of Choice” offerings. We designed yard signs and ads for highway billboards and bus boards. We also acquired mailing lists and designed and produced oversized and postcards distinctly targeted to parents of children of elementary and secondary school age. All promotions built on the “Proud Big Red” theme. Information on Milan Area Schools and their Schools of Choice program can be found at