DesignHub recently worked with Evangelical Homes of Michigan to develop a fresh approach to the organization’s annual spring fundraising appeal. We helped move the mailing from the somewhat brochure-like feel of the past, to a more personalized letter with several enclosures. All pieces were warmly keyed to the Mother’s Day season. The effect was to be both compellingly informative and emotionally evocative. EHM, which operates assisted living and retirement communities throughout Southeastern Michigan, has sought to increase donations to its “Safe at Home” Charitable Initiative. Recent word from EHM is that returns from this year’s spring appeal have already exceeded last year’s, and that many contributions have come from first-time donors, expanding the organization’s donor base. DesignHub proposed the strategy and creative concept for the appeal, advised on mailing lists and methods, and wrote and designed the mailing pieces.

Two school years ago, DesignHub began working with Milan Area Schools to help the district promote their Schools of Choice offerings to area families. Now, for the third straight school year, we’re helping MAS again. This year’s campaign includes targeted mailings to households with children of pre-primary and elementary school age, and other mailings to households with children of middle and high school age. We’ve also designed an MAS banner at Briarwood Mall. And we’ve produced MAS ads to appear on the sides of Ann Arbor Transportation Authority buses as they drive all around the core of Washtenaw County this summer. All Schools of Choice promotions build on the theme of “Proud Big Red” – a rallying cry for families loyal to Milan Area Schools.