BioMedware Launches New Responsive Website, Developed by DesignHub

DesignHub has created a new responsive website for BioMedware, the thought-leading Ann Arbor-based company whose geospatial research and software are used to explore relationships between human health and the environment.

BioMedware’s new site launched last week. The site’s presentation automatically adapts to the user’s access device, whether it’s a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or a smart phone. We designed and developed BioMedware’s previous website several years ago – then re-thought the site significantly in the process of converting it to a responsive design.

BioMedware was founded in 1994. Since then the company’s scientists have performed NIH-, NCI-, NIAID- and NIEHS-funded research in biostatistics and spatial epidemiology. BioMedware also develops software for visualization, exploratory analysis, and modeling of time-dynamic geospatial data for the health and environmental sciences. Learn more.


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