DesignHub is developing new marketing materials for VolunteerHub, the web-based volunteer scheduling and management system from Carr Engineering of Dublin, Ohio.

We have already created a detailed new template for VolunteerHub proposals, primarily directed to the non-profit organizations that make up the bulk of the system’s users. We have also worked with Carr Engineering on a new VolunteerHub “quick guide” and a display banner for use at recent and upcoming marketing events.

Next up is an advertorial-style case study on a leading customer’s use of VolunteerHub; this will serve as the style guide for a series of case studies to follow. We are also in the earliest stages of discussion about redesigning the VolunteerHub website.

VolunteerHub is the world’s leading VMS platform. Service organizations have used the system to schedule and manage over 5 billion volunteer hours since 1996. Learn more here.