Titania Software Launches New Website Developed by DesignHub

Titania Software, a developer of cloud-based content delivery and dynamic publishing solutions, has launched its new website, designed and developed by DesignHub.

As of this writing, the new Titania site actually isn’t quite done. There’s some content still to come, and the site doesn’t yet fully demonstrate its most intriguing feature. We have built the site, not with a standard content management system such as WordPress, but rather with Titania’s own Titania Delivery product. That is: A visitor’s use of the site will itself serve as a live demonstration of Titania Delivery. There are just a few programming tweaks remaining to make this happen; they may be done by the time you read this.

Ypsilianti, Michigan-based Titania Software focuses on content delivery solutions that make it easy to find, personalize. and interact with content from any digital device.

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