DesignHub Relaunches Student Advocacy Center’s Website in Responsive Design

DesignHub has relaunched the website for the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan as a responsive site. This means that SAC’s new site automatically adapts and optimizes for the visitor’s access device (desktop/laptop, tablet, or smarty phone).

DesignHub originally designed and developed SAC’s website in 2013. Converting to a responsive design required some re-planning and re-programming of the site.

The Student Advocacy Center of Michigan works to assist our most vulnerable students stay in school, realize their rights to a quality public education, and experience success. The nonprofit organization provides education advocacy and support, education mentoring, dropout prevention, and family support with a focus on economically disadvantaged youth, youth in foster care or a homeless situation, students with mental illness, youth impacted by school discipline and zero tolerance, and youth facing barriers to enrolling in or attending school.

SAC was established in 1975 to focus on the educational experience of students, and to identify successful practices and policies as well as the barriers to effective service. Using a strengths-based approach, tSAC works in partnership with families, schools and community agencies to promote educational practices that result in success for students, as well as to challenge policies that may have a harmful impact on students and families.

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