DesignHub Creates Blog Content for PTC’s LiveWorx 2016 Event

PTC – the international leader in product lifecycle management (PLM), service lifecycle management (SLM), computer-aided design (CAD), and more – has enlisted DesignHub to develop content for a blog promoting participation in PTC’s LiveWorx 2016 event, to happen on June 6-9 in Boston, Massachusetts.

LiveWorx attendees include manufacturers aiming to connect their products, users, developers, and service people in the Internet of Things (IoT). Their bottom-line goal: to create new revenue-generating capabilities for their products, while improving product performance and providing more timely, efficient, and effective service.

DesignHub will research and write 14 blog posts for PTC in the weeks leading up the LiveWorx event. As of this writing, four posts have been completed, and one has already posted. You can see our ghost-written “thought leadership” handiwork here.

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