Berry & Associates, a specialty chemicals company headquartered in Dexter, Michigan, has selected DesignHub to design and develop their new website, to feature sophisticated e-commerce capabilities.

DesignHub is already hard at work on the new site. It will integrate online product selection and buying with some of Berry & Associates’ key internal business systems. DesignHub is now proving out the site’s back-end capabilities, in a functional wireframe mockup. Design will soon begin on the site’s front end. DesignHub will focus on providing a user-friendly interface within a brand-compatible look and feel.

Berry & Associates was founded in 1989, with roots in the field of nucleosides. The company then moved into the chemistry of nucleic acids. This has resulted in a current portfolio of nearly 200 phosphoramidites and solid phase-linked monomers for oligonucleotide synthesis, as well as hundreds of nucleosides, nucleotides, carbohydrates, spacers, fluorescent markers, quenchers, and heterocycles. (Got all that?) All Berry & Associates products are made at the company’s facility just outside of Ann Arbor.

The Berry & Associates staff of chemists can claim over 400 publications and 80 patents in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry. High-quality chemicals, delivered with timely, personalized service, are the hallmarks of Berry & Associates.

Here is the current Berry & Associates website, in the process of being extensively rethought, redesigned, and redeveloped.