Anchor Bay Packaging Corporation Selects DesignHub to Develop New Marketing Materials

Anchor Bay Packaging Corporation has selected DesignHub to develop their new marketing and sales support materials. These include a large-format, full-color brochure and a matching sales presentation in PowerPoint. Both will be in versions for the USA and Mexico.

Since 1979, leading manufacturers in the automotive industry and others have preferred Anchor Bay for their most demanding parts packaging needs.

Packaging design is where Anchor Bay truly stands out. The company  employs over a dozen design engineers, combining nearly 300 years of experience, in the USA and Mexico. Anchor Bay’s design teams plans the customer’s packaging for the safest, most convenient, and highest-density utilization – within the packaging itself, as well as in transportation.

Anchor Bay works with  attention to detail through all phases of design engineering: design, prototype, testing, sign-off, and validation. The company’s designers select from all packaging materials – corrugated, wood, clipboard, plastic, foam, OSB, or any mix of these media – to deliver the optimum blend of parts protection and cost-efficiency

Design and engineering are only the start of the customer’s complete packaging solution. Anchor Bay also manufactures packaging, producing most solutions for customers in-house. The company has five manufacturing facilities in the USA, and six in Mexico, combining more than 1,200,000 square feet in manufacturing capacity.

Anchor Bay handles program management for your packaging solutions at no additional cost. Customer service is another company specialty. Throughout Anchor Bay’s history, the company’s customer service professionals have dedicated themselves to providing “exactly what you want – exactly when, where, and how you want it.” Anchor Bay is a family-owned company that strives to treat customers like family too.

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