DesignHub Launches New Website for Walker Tool & Manufacturing Co.

DesignHub has launched the new website for Walker Tool & Manufacturing Co. of Redford, Michigan. We designed and developed the new site in a responsive design using the popular and proven WordPress platform for website development and content management.

Walker Tool has been a Detroit-area custom parts fabricator for nearly 60 years. The company applies high-precision machining to produce custom parts in a range of materials for customers ranging from food processing equipment manufacturers to defense suppliers. Parts manufactured by Walker Tool can be found everywhere from conveyor systems and military vehicles to oil rigs, trucks, and tractors.

Since Walker Tool’s founding in 1960, the company has been family owned and operated, and it has endured through times of times of economic boom and bust and through periods of wrenching changes in global manufacturing markets.

Walker Tools’ new website was developed with support from the Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (GLTAAC) at the University of Michigan. GLTAAC is a federally funded nonprofit organization that provides assistance to manufacturers whose businesses may have been been adversely affected by imports and changing competitive conditions.

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