DesignHub Launches New Website for Russell Video Services of Ann Arbor

DesignHub has launched the new website for Russell Video Services of Ann Arbor, Michigan. We worked closely with key RVS professionals to help guide the site to completion – from initial site planning through design, programming, build-out, testing, and and launch.

We built the new RVS site on WordPress, the popular and proven web development platform and content management system. It is a responsive site whose appearance and navigation automatically adapt to the visitor’s access device, whether a desktop or laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Since 1985, Russell Video has produced videos and staged events to help their clients look and sound their best. The company’s video and events work enables clients to engage their customers’ hearts and minds through clear and compelling storytelling.

Learn more about Russell Video here, while knowing that, within a few weeks, you’ll see a much more involving and exciting website for this long-time institution of the Ann Arbor creative community.


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