Dexter Research Center Launches New Website Created by DesignHub

DesignHub has designed and developed the new website for Dexter Research Center, a leading producer of thermopile infrared detectors for sensing motion, heat, gas, and other changing conditions. DRC has been headquartered in Dexter, Michigan since 1977.

We built DRC’s new site on WordPress, the open-source website development and content management platform. The site has a responsive design – i.e., its presentation automatically adapts to the visitor’s access device, whether that’s a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, or a smart phone.

DesignHub modernized the DRC site’s design and create a more engaging experience for the user, while retaining the site’s easy navigation and solid search marketing performance in achieving high rankings on relevant web searches. We also extensively edited the content from DRC’s previous website, to tell the DRC story more clearly, succinctly, and compellingly. And we added new video content created in collaboration with Russell Video Services, another DesignHub client, this one headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

DRC has been a valued DesignHub client for over a dozen years. We’ve developed, upgraded, and maintained their website throughout this time. We also designed and developed the website for Intelligent Vision Systems, an offshoot DRC company.



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