December 3, 2018

DesignHub to Create SalineVideo.com Featuring All Things Saline on Video

DesignHub has been selected to create the new SalineVideo.com website. SalineVideo.com is a joint venture of the Saline Community Television Network (SCTN, Comcast Channel 18, a program of Saline Community Education), the Saline High School Video News Production class, and the Saline Live Crew (SalineLive.com). The latter is a team of students who are paid…

November 15, 2018

Walker Tool’s New Website to Be Designed and Developed by DesignHub

Walker Tool & Manufacturing Co., a Detroit-area custom parts fabricator for nearly 60 years, has selected DesignHub to design and develop their new website. Walker Tool applies high-precision machining to produce custom parts in a range of materials for customers ranging from food processing equipment manufacturers to defense suppliers. Parts manufactured by Walker Tool can…

October 16, 2018

Chizek Custom Builders Chooses DesignHub for Website Redesign

Chizek Custom Builders of Ann Arbor, Michigan has selected DesignHub to redesign their website. The new site will have a responsive design; that is, its presentation of navigation and content will automatically adapt to the visitor’s access device (desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone). For over 60 years, Chizek Custom Builders has been…

September 26, 2018

Russell Video Selects DesignHub to Develop Their New Website

Russell Video, an award-winning video and live event production company in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has selected DesignHub, Inc. to design and develop their new website. Since 1985, Russell Video has produced videos and staged events to help their clients look and sound their best. Even more fundamentally, Russell Video’s work enables clients to engage their…

August 7, 2018

DesignHub Redevelops Website for Accident Reconstruction Expert Dave McLellan

DesignHub has redeveloped the website for Dave McLellan, a noted forensic engineer and expert witness specializing in vehicle accident reconstruction. McLellan is often engaged by personal injury lawyers, defense attorneys, plaintiffs, and defendants to help determine product liability in accident, injury, and insurance cases. McLellan is also well known as the former chief engineer of…

July 16, 2018

DesignHub Redevelops BioMedware’s Website in WordPress

DesignHub has redeveloped the website for BioMedware as a WordPress site. BioMedware is a research, consulting, and software company that helps clients study relationships between human health and the environment. BioMedware has been a DesignHub client for nearly a decade. We designed their logo and began work on their previous website in 2010. Updating the…

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