Marketing Strategy

What is your organization’s strategic goal? What do you want to be recognized as?What are your specific marketing objectives? How will you measure the results?

What will success look like?

DesignHub can help you get the answers. Then we’ll point you to the marketing methods, messages, media, and metrics for optimizing your marketing opportunities and delivering the return on investment you need.

Direct mail. Direct email. Telemarketing. They’re practically the dirty words of modern marketing, right? Who likes to see their mailbox stuffed with postcard after postcard, their inbox spilling over with spam, or their caller ID forever flashing 800 numbers?

Well, in the right circumstances, direct marketing can really work. Not just for you, but for your customers too. Marketing directly is often the most effective and efficient way to reach the right people with the right offer… and this may actually be appreciated by the people you target. Even when your mail or email promises a follow-up phone call.

Trust us on this. DesignHub has developed successful prospecting campaigns for some of our best clients. These direct marketing investments have sparked and grown business relationships that have profited both seller and buyer. What’s wrong with that?

Call us to discuss. We’ll explore how direct marketing can work for you.

One huge key to marketing success: getting the right message to the right people. We help by exploring your media options – web, print, direct, social, event, outdoor, and more – and recommending those that will deliver the best bang for your buck.

A nugget of media planning wisdom: If your budget is limited, select the one or two media best targeted to your market, and get as large a presence there as you can afford. You won’t reach every potential customer… but with those you do reach, you’ll make a big impression.

The best thing about trade shows, industry conferences, professional forums, and other organized events? Marketing is personal. It’s one to one. People actually meet!

Buyers and sellers connect, talk, crack jokes, and exchange business cards. Sometimes they actually follow through on their promises to follow up. Really, they do!

At DesignHub, we love helping clients with marketing events. We’ve designed displays, promotions, and materials that draw customers in and get the conversation going. Call if we can help strategize and plan your next event.