Web Design and Development

Our web design and development process begins with a carefully considered site plan, worked out in close collaboration with the client. We design the look and feel of the site, program the pages, develop and compile content, and create or find whatever imagery, video, and sound may be required. Site build-out, testing, and launch then follow.

Search Marketing

If a website launches, but no one who cares ever finds it, does the site even exist?

Sorry for the two-bit philosophizing, but you get the point. Your site will only have value if your customers and prospects can get to it when they need the information it contains.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a goal of most websites we develop. We keep up on SEO’s best practices. We know the latest search marketing methods and tools. And we use them to help our clients’ sites rank highly in searches for the right keywords.

Social Media Marketing

Social media are all the rage. The big question so many of our clients ask is: “Can we use the major social media to market our products and services effectively?”

Answer: It depends. (Don’t you hate when people say that?)

Does your product or service play to your customer’s personal interests or passions? Can you help someone meet an urgent need? If so, you’ll want to consider social media for marketing. DesignHub can help you assess the alternatives and devise a plan.

Mobile Web Development

Have you checked your website’s analytics recently? Many of our clients are surprised to see how many visitors are accessing their sites with smart phones and tablets. The share keeps growing. It’s no longer just a desktop or laptop world.  Hasn’t been for a while.

Most websites we now develop are responsive sites. That is, the site’s presentation automatically optimizes to the visitor’s access device, no matter the screen size. This demands more time in site planning and design – but the results improve the customer’s experience with the site. That’s critical to online success in today’s mobile world.